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Book Review – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

When a developer decides to create, the bane of their existence becomes how to find out what features their end-users need, and how to get to market quickly, before someone else launches the same idea before them. At some point in his career, serial startup founder, Eric Reis was faced with the same issues.  Eric Reis had gained a lot of experience, trying to scale at several instances of his innovations. With some successes and some failures, Reis was able to see that his innovations, on which he had invested a mountain load of resources, would not take off because he wasted too much focus trying to get the most quality product to market when he had not understood the wants of the products end-users, and if they needed it. Eventually, these experiences helped him to go on to lead more successful startups, become a startup advisor, and a campaigner

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groove marketing platform

GrooveFunnels: A Complete All-in-One Marketing Solution

Any marketer will tell you that making sales isn’t an eventuality in marketing, rather it is a process. This process, popularly regarded as hectic among marketers, and even somewhat impossible for a beginner has proven otherwise these days with digital marketing tools on the rise. These tools generally take care of your sales process and allow a marketer to be more creative. Some of them can be automated to carry out functions at scheduled times, enabling a marketer to deploy complex strategies over time. One of the latest and increasingly popular of these tools is GrooveFunnels. What is GrooveFunnels GrooveFunnels is a digital marketing tool that includes other basic tools that help marketers create sales funnels, websites, landing pages, CRM, etc. It is one of those tools that can automate your sales process and is equipped with other extra features. Only recently launched, one may wonder about the hype surrounding

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keyword analysis

SEMrush: One Suite for Your Entire SEO

In earlier times, you didn’t need special bells and whistles to break through and stay visible on the web. The internet was presumably smaller and far less complicated. Today, smarter engines, smarter competition, and cornier algorithms make any internet endeavor considerably difficult. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, or some other sort of Internet-wielding crusader; you’ve probably realized by now that it isn’t just quality content that you need to churn out. You’ve found, probably the hard way, that to stay visible you have to pay attention to a host of factors; like building and tweaking the quality of your links. Yes, links…those arteries of the internet? Publicized as one of the best SEO tools out there, this post will explore what makes SEMrush such a fan favorite. And also, help you discover if it is a worthy investment. Curious where you rank in Google? Check it out with SEMrush! What Exactly

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An Overview of and Its Alternatives is a management collaboration platform designed for communicating, tracking teams, organizing, managing, and executing business processes. Effective communication is key within an organization, and the shift from work emails to management collaboration platforms like is proof that technology has and will continue to improve on the communication model of companies. More Than a Project Management Tool According to its founders, was engineered while envisioning “… a place where all work happens, eliminating silos, aligning [our] organization and elevating [our] teams.” This suggests that the actualization of a virtual and effective tool to develop a transparent working environment was why it was created. The platform is designed to automate tasks and has options to collaborate with other tools, making workflow seamless. includes several templates for its users to select from, and these templates can be customized to a fine personal cut. The platform’s user interface is friendly,

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