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Management Consulting
Management Consulting

We are expert in Lean and Agile Methodologies. We can offer coaching and support with your Agile transformation and consolidation.

Web And Mobile Development
Web and Mobile Development

We work with different technologies and programming languages. We are top-class in Cloud, Serverless Environments and API development.

Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

We are SEO specialists. We can offer support to get more traffic and increase you online reputation with key white hat tactics.

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The GROW model is a coaching framework used to to help coaches around the world structure coaching sessions and achieve targeted results. The model, which…

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Coaching is an important concept in achieving personal and professional development. It allows a person to find self-discovered solutions to their challenges through the guide…

An Introduction to Lean Software Development

Lean principles got their origin from manufacturing. It started in the mid-20th century when Toyota, a large Japanese automobile manufacturing company, was having problems with…

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