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We live in a time of major changes and companies around the globe need to find better ways to stay relevant in the market and appealing for their workforce. To boost your value, you need to innovate and motivate your teams, adapting quickly to market shifts. This is where Business Agility comes in. 

With our consulting services, we help organizations improve processes, identify goals, and reduce time to market. Our experts specialize in Agile and Lean frameworks like Scrum and Kanban, offering practical guidance for efficient and sustainable implementation. They also assist in overcoming Agile adoption challenges, ensuring team alignment towards common objectives. 

Our services are customized to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring you get the right support for success.

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We have hands-on experience​

Our foundation is rooted in digital product development, providing extensive knowledge in modern software development practices, DevOps, and continuous delivery. Our experience spans several industries, including fintech, banking, insurance, gaming, business travel, and retail. 

We know how to collaborate with people, bring about sustainable changes, and foster a culture of excellence. With over 20 years of experience in IT, we have worked daily with Agile and Scrum since 2011. We strongly believe in the empirical approach that these frameworks promote, as opposed to traditional predictive methods. We know how to scale and also to descale.

Our commitment to active listening, continuous improvement, and learning solidifies our position as your trusted partner.

How can we help you?

We provide strategic guidance to align your Agile transition with your organization’s goals, encompassing system-wide process improvements, facilitating change, and establishing feedback loops. Our services include training, facilitation of workshops, mentoring, and professional coaching.

We provide hands-on support in key leadership roles like Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner, fostering a clear understanding of Agile principles, collaboration, and enhanced value delivery.

We also specialize in scaling Agile practices across your entire organization, promoting a unified approach. Our aim is to create an adaptive, productive environment, where teams are aligned with business objectives, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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