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Any marketer will tell you that making sales isn’t an eventuality in marketing, rather it is a process. This process, popularly regarded as hectic among marketers, and even somewhat impossible for a beginner has proven otherwise these days with digital marketing tools on the rise.

These tools generally take care of your sales process and allow a marketer to be more creative. Some of them can be automated to carry out functions at scheduled times, enabling a marketer to deploy complex strategies over time.

One of the latest and increasingly popular of these tools is GrooveFunnels.

What is GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is a digital marketing tool that includes other basic tools that help marketers create sales funnels, websites, landing pages, CRM, etc. It is one of those tools that can automate your sales process and is equipped with other extra features.

Only recently launched, one may wonder about the hype surrounding GrooveFunnels, and why there is widespread use of this platform. 

Some marketers looking to try new tools may suspect it to be a ruse, but that is very far from it. There are genuine reasons for the eminence currently enjoyed by GrooveFunnels. 

First of all, you can sign up for free on GrooveFunnels. Although this free plan will be limited and some features will not be available for free users, the plan doesn’t expire. Yes. It is possible to use GrooveFunnels for free, and for life too.

Also, due to its offer of free accounts, GrooveFunnels hosts a large community of marketers that can offer help when needed and share ideas. This factor has led to an, even more, larger community on Facebook and other social media platforms. With more GrooveFunnels users connecting, it becomes more possible to access and connect with marketers with success stories. 

This latter event often leads to free users upgrading to the lifetime plan.

Also, this growth witnessed by the platform seems simultaneous to its willingness to grow towards meeting the needs of its users. The platform isn’t without its issues or bugs, however, it is the speed at which these bugs are fixed and the platform is updated with new features.

The platform is evidently in tune with the needs of its users and it hosts a product infographic webpage that shows new features that will be released and when they would. It also has a Feature Request Portal where users can go and suggest features that they would love to see on the platform.

Sign up now for a free account and boost your marketing process with Groove Funnels.

Features on GrooveFunnels

As noted early, the platform functions like any other of its kind with several marketing tools whose availability depends on the sort of plan a user is subscribed to. Even when some of these features are available to free users, there are still limits to how much it can be used compared to the usability afforded the lifetime subscriber.

Some of these marketing tools are:


This tool allows you to create a webpage or a series of webpages, technically resulting in a website. And with this tool, it is possible to structure these created web pages in a way that reflects a sales funnel.

Click here to read our article on the stages of a Sales Funnel.

For creating web pages, the platform provides a series of templates for users to choose from. These templates can subsequently be edited and can be adapted for other pages to maintain consistency of layouts throughout the website.

This tool enables users to input texts, images, buttons, and widgets on their webpages. And they also support maps, charts, progress bars, form fields, lists, and other elements that users may wish to add to their webpage.


Of course, the entire goal of marketing and a sales funnel is to make sales. 

GrooveSell provides a dashboard that shows metrics of sales, commission profits, and refunds. It also allows users to access a payment gateway that supports several payment gateways.

Unlike platforms of its kind, users can choose between multiple payment methods such as one-time payment, installment, and recurring billings.


This feature is available to every user regardless of the plan the user is subscribed to. The Groove Affiliate feature ensures that free users receive a 20% commission for every new member they get to sign up for GrooveFunnels. Platinum members will get up to 40% for every new member, including other incentives.


After a sale is made, marketers are aware of the importance of maintaining a relationship with customers.

This tool allows users to reach out to customers after making a sale. It can be used to conduct CRM and email marketing. GrooveMail also provides its users with the feature of automating emails, tagging subscribers, text, and voice broadcasting among other basic features that your regular customer mailing service provider may offer.

Email Lead

With this feature, users can find and contact email leads for marketing. It is a very valuable tool that could redefine sales for the marketer. However, this tool is currently not available on the free plan.

Email Cart Abandons

After selecting the item(s) they want to purchase, it is common behavior for some potential customers to, intentionally or unintentionally, leave that page, abandoning that purchase and generally forgetting about it. In these not so rare cases, it is up to the marketer to remind the customer about their uncompleted purchase if they have forgotten and try to convince them to come back to buy. 

GrooveFunnels ensures that a sale is completed by providing a tool that makes sending Cart Abandon emails to remind a customer.

An updated 2021 Research shows the open rate of Cart Abandon emails to be about 41%. This suggests that sending these emails should be encouraged because they produce some results.


GrooveMember allows users to create and manage a content-based sub-platform where members who are subscribed can share and access curated content with each other.


GrooveVideo allows users to display videos on their webpages. It provides detailed video analytics and the power to modify and automate the user’s experience based on their behavior.


GrooveQuiz can be useful in conducting market research. They can also be used creatively to target a specific market by asking questions to see if they fit your target specifications and demography before finally making a sale. 

This tool can also act as a perfect email lead, depending on how creatively the quizzes are deployed.

There are several other features of GrooveFunnel. And as mentioned before, many more are expected to be added during the course of the year. Judging from their records, I would advise that you sign-up and expect the most exciting updates.

Get a free account on GrooveFunnels and explore all the available products.

The Creative Team Behind GrooveFunnels

Mike Filsaime (CEO) – Mike Filsaime is a digital marketer and an online marketer whose software tools are engineered towards saving digital marketers the stress involved in starting a digital venture and scaling. He is a part of the team that developed several marketing tools such as PayDotCom, WebinarJam, Karta, Butterfly Media and so many more.

John Cornetta (President) – John Cornetta is another online business expert who runs multiple online stores. It is with his acquired experience that he was able to develop a tool as brilliant as GrooveKart.

Mattijs Naus (CTO) –  Mattijs is a founding member at GrooveFunnels. His expertise at designing brilliant software for digital marketing and support from a formidable team that includes John and Mike is what makes GrooveFunnels such a standard platform.

With these hands at the wheels, one can be assured of long-term satisfaction with GrooveFunnels and consistent development should be expected.

It is for this reason that users are encouraged to switch to the lifetime plan also known as the Platinum plan. Several features remain unavailable to users in the free plan, and with the advent of new features, there is little assurance that free users may enjoy it. 

Users that switch to GroveFunnels Platinum plan stand to enjoy;

  • Creation of unlimited web pages, hosting, and sales funnels.
  • Uninterrupted lifetime access to GroovePages, GrooveKart, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveWebinar, GrooveCalendar, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveMember, GrooverSurvey, etc
  • Lifetime access to any new feature that GrooveFunnels introduces
  • 40% commission when you get someone to sign up on GrooveFunnels on the GrooveAfilliate program and 10% on tier 2 commission.

The GrooveFunnels Platinum plan goes for a one-time fee of $1,397 and provides all the features yet available as shown above. By all calculations, this one-time fee would save a marketer a lot of money when compared to other platforms that require a monthly or annual subscription. The required subscription fee would be meager when compared to the amount of profit that would be realized throughout a marketer’s lifetime. Also, one must not forget the affiliate program that presents a fun way to earn by referring people.

In different spaces, GrooveFunnels is generally accepted as a strong tool for marketers. Although it is a product in development and has not yet taken a perfect shape, it still has a lot of potential and promises to grow.

Sign up now to GrooveFunnels – The last online Sales System you’ll ever need.

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