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asynchronous communication

Is Asynchronous Communication the Future of Work?

One of the lessons from the pandemic is that humans can get the same amount of work done, if not all, remotely and outside the confinement of the traditional working environment.  With the emergence of new workplace practices and structures adopted to ensure that work goes on, corporate bodies and organizations are beginning to realize …

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customer experience leader

What Is, and How to Be a Good Customer Experience Leader?

One thing that is very reflective of today’s marketplace and business atmosphere is the “nobility” of the customer. Leading companies today, understand that they are in the customer experience business, where the “how” is just as important as the “what”, where the delivery of services is concerned.  Customer Experience as a Corporate Strategy Being in …

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growth hacking

How to Hack Growth Hacking, Techniques and Principles

Growth hacking is an approach that requires an organization to employ all the innovation and strategies they can muster to grow exponentially. In business landscapes, the growth of an organization is based on its ability to get and retain as many customers as it can.  The Basics of Growth Hacking Regardless of structure, most organizations …

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enable business agility

How to Enable Business Agility

According to a Forrester Report, “Every industry is subject to disruption. Only a truly agile business is equipped to respond”. Whether it’s from advancements in technology, industry disruptors, social movements, leadership and management turnover, different preferences between generations, or any number of other factors, your organization will need to adopt a mindset that can adapt and fluctuate. …

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